Frequently asked questions

What are property websites?

A property website means a website which is completely dedicated to presenting a single listing. The website can include photos, video, Matterport model, amenity details and more. We promise that both sellers and buyers will love them!

How does the listing creation work?

1. Log in

Login to the admin portal and add a new listing

2. Upload

Upload photos and floor plans
Link videos and 3D tours

3. Mapping

Map photos to floor plans
(optional step)

4. Share

Share property website or embed media player

How can I connect my own domain to a listing?

You can connect your own domain to any of our listings if you are subscribed to the Business plan or higher. To connect the domain you need to add a CNAME record to the domain using your domain service provider's tools. After that you can enter the domain name to the listing in the Property website tab in the listing editor.

If your domain is "", the CNAME record's host/domain should be "" and the value for the record should be "" (which is our server address).

Also, you might want to add a redirect from "" to "" if you want to support both versions of the domains as some service providers won't let you add a CNAME record for the plain "" (which has no subdomain).

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